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Clinical Psychologist



Tom Rogat, PsyD, MBA

Rogat Psychological Services, LLC

(510) 915-3252

Beachwood, Ohio

About Therapy

Philosophy and Approach

Respecting each person’s unique set of values, needs and comfort level is vital to me. Clients often describe feeling a sense of safety, acceptance and support starting in the first session. My therapeutic approach stresses long-term change in addition to short-term symptom relief. I focus on giving clients the tools and insights needed to help themselves on an ongoing basis.


I primarily practice a form of therapy that emphasizes the role that relationships and prior experiences play in one’s level of happiness. I work with clients to identify and resolve unsettled emotional issues, often by exploring the interactions that are shared by the client and therapist. During sessions clients

learn to recognize, accept and voice previously unexpressed emotions in new ways that reduce anxiety and provide greater satisfaction in life and relationships outside of therapy.


Psychotherapy is not a one-approach-fits-all proposition, so I frequently incorporate a variety of treatment modalities. These include psychodynamic, cognitive-behavioral, solution focused, and narrative therapies. Feel free to ask me about the different modalities in the initial consultation.


What to Expect

Sessions are 45 minutes long. In the initial meetings I work to gain a thorough appreciation of presenting problems and ensure that a client feels comfortable working with me. There is often a focus on providing immediate symptom reduction, which might include behavioral interventions. Many people start therapy when life has begun to feel overwhelming in some way, so crisis intervention and management can also be relevant in initial sessions. Later sessions focus on changing problematic patterns in life by healing the psychological wounds associated with them. This process results in healthier relationships and more authentic, fulfilling lives.


Frequency and Duration

Therapy varies greatly in the amount of time it can take. In general, long-standing problems require more time to address, while temporary or situational issues can be handled with briefer interventions. Consequently, therapy can vary in length from just a few sessions to several years, depending on individual circumstances and therapeutic goals. Clients commonly come in once per week, with the flexibility for more frequent sessions if additional support is needed.



Dr. Tom Rogat

(510) 915-3252



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